Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yesterday,I had  learnt new experience.I had involved in Malay Debate!..Actually,I don't know about the right way to debate..But,I want try something.That's  why I got involved in debate. Yesterday, I learnt the right way to debate. Very funny when I can't spoke at a sentence part.I'm just stand up without saying anything.Very shameless!..But at least,I have try something new..I'm also proud of myself because I think I have a high confident to speak yesterday.After this,I will learnt more about how to be a good debater!..I hoped,I can performed very well next time...=)


 Two days ago,I felt very excited because my class had arranged an event.We had break fast together at SuriaRasa Restaurant.Very harmonies!..We had took a lot of photo together with many kind of style and posture..In this event, we got to know more among each other and we become more closed!..Very fun when we seat together..I'm feel so lucky because I have a kind and good classmate..Sometimes,we will shared our problem together..I hoped,this kind of event will be done next year..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


very excited! last,I can create my own blog...very difficult!!..a lot of things had happen...i have problem on doing my e-mail..too complicated!!..but now,I really feel happy because the problem have settle very well with my friend's help..

new blogger

im mastura mohamad ;)