Monday, September 27, 2010


Last saturday, I have an event called Hi-Tea.  At first, I'm quite confues which clothes is suitable for this function.  But, at last I just wear a short Baju Kebaya and a slack.  It's look very simple.  The most interesting, I became a MC in the event.  Actually, I'm quite nervous to do that task.  But, I think that I must do the best for my own self.  The event is very happening.  That time, I have ate many kind of food.  It's very delicious.  in the event, I also can saw a lot of attitude among my friends.  Some of them, are colourful and lightfull with their clothes.  And some of them just want to look a simple person by wearing a Baju Kurung.  Anyway, it is a nice and glamour event for me.  It's  so fun and I really enjoy with that.  I hoped, I will have an event like this on future...

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